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Buy Furby - Perhaps the biggest difference with the new Furby is his eyes. Hasbro has incorporated LCD technology into his eyes which help give Furby more personality than ever before. The digital eyes really work with the animatronics and audio to make Furby feel alive. They help kids understand what Furby is feeling.

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When you tickle it, his eyes may be filled with hearts. Pull his tail and he might get angry or even enjoy it. Set him on fire by feeding him a hot pepper and his eyes become filled with fire. Not that we would want to set Furby on fire. Wink. Wink. He's even got eyelids just like the original.

Furby is packed with more electrons than ever before that you would think it was the latest smartphone. Furby has got sensors on his belly, the top of his head, and back and even an accelerometer. You can pet him by rubbing his head. You can pick him up and flip him upside down and he will recognize it.

You can cuddle him in both of your hands. Our favorite is pulling his tail but watch out he might burp or fart. Before you ask- no they do not smell. Thankfully, he hasn't peed on us yet. These sensors work most of the time, but there are times where they don't work or fail to register especially when he is doing something else.

Furby Doll Advantages

  1. App Adds Additional Layer Of Fun
  2. Lots Of Fun Interactive Features
  3. Grows Over Time
  4. Life-Like Animatronics
  5. Multiple Personalities From "Meanie Peanie" To "Sweetie Pie"
  6. Animated LCD Eyes
  7. Teaches Responsibility

Furby Reviews From Parents

Furby toys come in many different colors. Mine comes in teal color. It is a nice size and can be help with both hands. It is also furry and has cure looking eyes. Few years back they had movie with Gizmo characters that were cure, furry and had large eyes. Furby is something like that, only cuter.

These creatures can chat with children, play with them, and take kid can take care of its toy. Initially Furby toy has its own Furby language. One tip for the kids and parents: how Furby toy owners treat their furry friend will determine how it treats them back.

Where Can I Buy a Furby
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It makes a perfect Christmas present for children who are 6 years and older. Apparently, some stores are already running low on the toy, which comes with a free app for Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) devices to help feed it and translate Furbish, each Furby's first language.
--Furby Review by Reader--

This toy cracks me up. It is a riot when Furby is around other Furbys and they babble back and forth to each other. I love the Teal color because it's a universal color and can be given to either boys or girls. This toy is great for kids especially with the app since most kids either have or know how to use a smart phone.

It is even a fun toy for some adults. If you are one of those people who carry around a real chihuahua as a fashion accessory you might as well switch to carrying around a Furby. It's more entertaining.
--Furby Review by Purple Elephant--

Where Can I Buy a Furby

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