Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen - If you're looking for a nice gift for a little girl she will definitely love this kids' kitchen set. One thing kids love to do is pretend to cook and play house. Even boys like pretending to use the stove and oven. This beautiful and sturdy kitchen is made of wood, which gives it a high quality look and feel. Except for its small size you might even feel like you're in a real kitchen!

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Its stylish, vintage design will look great in a little girl's room. This play kitchen has lots of storage space for kitchen items and has real knobs that click when you turn them, just like on a real oven. Your little princess will have her own little world to imagine and play in with Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen. Don't be surprised if her friends or siblings want to join in the fun too!

Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen Advantages

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen
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You will be pleased to know that this is made from wood. It's actually made from MDF to be exact. Is The Quality Good?Yes! All of my research came up with the same answers for this question.

Parents who have bought Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen were really pleased with the quality. It was one comment that came up time after time, they said that it is durable and excellent quality and they felt they could pass it on down to family when they had finished with it.

Is it TOO Big? No! This can be a tricky question, as it really depends on how big your house is and where you want to set the kitchen up. The Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen is on the smaller side, so if you live in a townhouse or want to keep the kitchen in your child's bedroom, no problem. It measures 33 x 11.7 x 35.7 and is a perfect size for a toddler.

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Reviews

I bought Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen for my 3 year old daughter. It is adorable. It took my husband longer than he expected to assemble, but well worth it! She loves it!!!
--Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Reviews by Cyndy--

My daughter loves this and plays with Kidkraft Kitchen Vintage every day. My husband eventually had to super glue the hinges. Also it comes in a million pieces so get ready to spend some time putting this together. Overall, fun toy we've had it for almost a year and it still gets played with.
--Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Reviews by Honest Momy--

Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen
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I am very happy with the Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Set. It looks as good as it does in the picture. My 3 year old daughter is having a blast with it! My only complaint was how long it took to put together. There are a million pieces and my husband said, "next time, don't buy something like this!" Probably worth it though.
--Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Reviews by Sheri--

I purchased this online for my 2 year old granddaughter for Christmas in 2012. When the box arrived, Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen was pretty small so I knew in was going to be in a million pieces and IT WAS. It took her Papa and Grand Pop about 3 hours to put together but it is put together like a piece of furniture which means it is very durable and will last forever. She went nuts when she woke up and seen it. For now, it sits in my kitchen so that when I'm cooking she can cook too! We absolutely..
--Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Reviews by Tausha-- (Click Here To Read More Reviews)
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