Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173

Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173

Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 - If you are looking for a smaller play kitchen for your little one, consider the stylish KidKraft retro kitchen in red. This kitchen has some pretty cool style and is a lot of fun to play with. A play kitchen makes such a nice gift for a little boy or girl. It encourages the child to use their imagination and can also help teach them about healthy foods.

Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 Is Hottest Toy In This Christmas
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Kids will love the Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 with it's colorful retro look. We all know that kids love to role play and both boys and girls alike, enjoy imitating Mom in the kitchen. A Kidkraft kitchen provides them with the opportunity to cook up their own meals, and perform other kitchen chores, while hopefully leaving Mom a chance to prepare the real meal.

Of course you'll likely be expected to sample their "delicious meal" when they're done but most parents and family members seem to survive the experience. Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 will provide plenty of creative play and learning. If they are old enough you can teach them about making a shopping list, organizing shelves and the importance of keeping the kitchen clean and tidy as well as many other things, so it really is more than just another toy.

Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 Description

KidKraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173
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Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 is ideal for any young, imaginative child. This red retro wooden toy kitchen would make a great gift for any of the young chefs in your life and provide many years of fun educational play time. Its by far our most popular must have kids kitchen to date. Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53156 is discontinued replaced with Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 Same Great Item Just Name And Model Number Change.

Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 from KidKraft is a blast from the past. Modeled after a retro vintage kitchen from about 50-60 years ago, this kitchen is not only fun to play with but also pretty stylish as well. There is plenty to do with this play kitchen. All of the cabinet doors as well as the refrigerator and freezer doors open and you are able to store food inside these places. The knobs on the oven click and turn for a realistic cooking sound.

Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 also comes with a silver cordless phone that hangs up on the side of the kitchen. The sink is easily removable so it can be cleaned in case the kids make a mess in it. The nice thing about the KidKraft Red Retro Kitchen is that it isn't as large as some other play kitchens so it can fit in smaller spaces and not take up as much room in your house.

I know that some kitchens I have looked at for my kids are absolutely huge and I could never find room for them. It is a nice size for younger kids to play with. Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 is made from wood so it is quite durable. It is definitely a change of pace from your normal looking plastic kitchens.

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Red Reviews

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Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 is so cute and well made - every kid that sees it plays with it for as long as they can. It has everything a kid could use in a kitchen so it keeps them busy.

Every age loves it. From my 1 year old nephew to my 3 year old step-son, even my 11 year old daughter played with it with them and actually had fun doing it. My only complaint was that it took forever (3 1/2 hours) to put together.
--Kidkraft Personalized Red Vintage Kitchen 53173-PZ Review by Jr--

My husband does much of our cooking, and we noticed our 17 month old often mimicking his daddy while he cooked. He loves to play with our pots and pans and utensils, and we often discovered him playing with the one at his daycare.

When we found this Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Red, we knew Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 would be the perfect Christmas gift to fit in our bungalow home. It's fits our style perfectly and he absolutely loves it. It's the perfect height for him now, but I could see how older kids might find it too small.

We purchased several Melissa and Doug food sets to go along with this as well as the suggested red pots and pans, they match perfectly and look SO cute. We are very satisfied with this product. While it's not difficult to assemble (said my husband), it did take about 1.5 hours.
--Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173 Review by Jenner--
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